Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All About Us

Hi All,

Welcome to Night Light Stories!  We are so happy you found us! My name is Miss Mel and my partner-in-podcasting is Mr. Chris.  My husband and I are both special educators both with over forty years of combined experience. 

I have taught all grade levels from preschool to college level in both general and special education. Currently, I am proud to be a Dean of Special Education at my local high school.  I also teach Human Growth and Development and Reading as an Adjunct Professor at a local university. My side venture is being a personal Uber driver for our two kids, who are extremely active.

Mr. Chris works as an Assistive Technology Specialist in our school district. He also presents internationally on how we can empower all students to learn through differentiated learning and the power of communication.  After hours he produces and co-hosts another podcast called Talking with Tech where he and his co-host, Rachel Madel, discuss supporting complex communication needs with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology.  He also produced a podcast he retired from weekly production called A.T.TIPSCAST , where he creatively discussed free or commonly found technology that can be used to help students meet their educational goals. Each episode is still available and free for download on the linked site or iTunes! He has co-authored and solo authored a few books as well. You can learn more about them here

Mr. Chris and I created the podcast called Night Light Stories where I narrate original children's stories that we've written. Every episode is available for free in audio format on our compendium blog or on iTunes. On this blog you will find vocabulary from the story as well as comprehensive activities that engage the child's imagination. We also produce a weekly visual dictionary called "Lighting The Way With Words" where we choose a vocabulary word, pair it with an original photo and use the word in context. The audience is invited to send in their own pictures to help define the word. Our goal is to promote education and family time.

We started the podcast and blog as a creative thing to do together. We thought it would be a fun alternative for families, educators, and classrooms to listen to our stories on car trips, around the house, transition times in the classroom, or anytime.  We also thought that since our kids seemed to enjoy the stories, other kids around the world might like them too.  We say in the podcast that the stories are "for children of all ages" and it is our hope that families are enjoying the stories together.  

With the recent development due to COVID-19, we found ourselves itching to start producing our stories again. Now, with two extra teammates of our dynamic teenagers, we're having fun as a family recording, creating activities and releasing our novella chapter by chapter that was originally written in 2012. 

Besides the blog, you can find us on Twitter and our Facebook Page . This is where people can get updates about all things related to Night Light Stories; including what's going on with story development, recent pictures, and more. We hope you enjoy listening to our stories as much as we enjoy creating them!  As always, we look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many stories we can share together.

Family recording session in our very "fancy" studio. 

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