Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi All!

First things first. We are working on new stories that we hope to have out by the end of summer.

Mr. Chris and I were asked to be involved in a really innovative curriculum project for the county in which we teach, so as of now, that is where our creative writing is flowing. Whenever we have something new for you to check out though, we'll post it here. For now, I hope that this contest can tide you over!

The first half of summer vacation has been busy! We have just returned home from two weeks of traveling to Buffalo, NY and Boston, MA to visit our lovely families. During our trip to Boston, we took a mini-vacation to North Conway, NH to a place called Story Land.
It is a place where they bring many children's stories to life in very creative ways. While my wonderful father was taking pictures, I had an idea for a contest. I contacted one of our favorite children's book publishers, Barefoot Books, and they generously donated a perfect prize to help keep your minds illuminated the rest of the summer!

Here is how the contest works:

1. Look at the pictures below from Story Land.

2. Identify the children's story that each picture features. For each one you identify, that will count as one entry! So, if you correctly identify all 5 of the pictures you have 5 entries.

3. The last picture that is included is the BONUS picture. If you can tell me which children's story it is from, then you will receive an extra 2 entries.

4. If you share this with 5 other people (proved by including me on the email) or posting it on your blog (send me your blog site) you will recieve 5 extra entries.

5. Visit www.barefootbooks.com and search around their easy to use and eye catching new website. Share something you really enjoy about their site and receive an extra 3 entries. Also, if you place an order by today, July 15th and enter the code HAPPY during check out you can receive 20% off your order!

6. Leave a comment on the blog, send me your entries at nightlightstories@gmail.com, or Tweet me at nightlight08. Do just one thing or do them all! Any one of these you choose to post will enter you for a chance to win.

7. Contest ends August 1st!






BONUS PICTURE (Hint: Search around the blog)

What Do We Win?

I am so HAPPY that you asked!

Barefoot Books is generously sending us a copy of their new book with singalong CD:

"Clap your hands and sing along to this fresh take on a traditional singalong.

The multicultural children in this colorful early learner encourage action and imagination, and two full spreads at the end teach "hello" in thirty-six languages, and the names of the children and their countries of origin."

Even if you do not win the book, everyone can still be a winner! Today, July 15th, Barefoot Books is offering a free download of IF YOU ARE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT on their site. Here is the link to the download. Please click away and ENJOY!

As always, I look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the
many stories we can share together.


  1. sorry forgot one..

    cinder- ella
    humpty dump-aty.
    Little Mizz mUffet
    Alice in Vunderland
    Free little pigs.. I mean three.

    and best of all. :)
    Mojo and the magic couch!

    wooot wooot

    Love barefoot books site.. for the artistic work .. but love the books in general. More diverse and interesting than what I grew up with. We read the vegetarian dragon one..HERB.. a million times.



  2. Love a FUN contest :)

    My carefully composed answers:
    1. Cinderella
    2. Humpty Dumpty
    3. Little Miss Muffet
    4. Alice in Wonderland
    5. Three Little Pigs
    Bonus: Mojo and the Magic Couch

    Your stories and site are truly wonderful; I plan to blog about you soon ... when a free moment or two magically appears :)

  3. My girls! Thanks...you both are awesome (and smart!)

  4. i can't wait to read some of your stories!