Saturday, September 26, 2009

Episode 12.5 (Flashlight): CLICK

"Click" here to listen to: CLICK

Hi All,

Happy Autumn! The first day of Fall, September 22nd, was this week and I could not be happier. It is definitely our favorite season in the Night Light household. The crisp chilly air, no more pesky little gnats swarming your head and jumping in huge leaf piles! Although the days do become shorter and it gets darker earlier and stays dark later in the morning. 

Our night lights have to work overtime during this season. Our Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Princess night lights all do a wonderful job of keeping our rooms illuminated and help us feel a little more secure.

On that note, we are honored and delighted to be sponsored by The Art of Patrizia. She is a talented woman who designs unique and stunning night lights. She welcomes new ideas for designs and the colors in the night lights can be changed at no extra charge. As our sponsor, she has generously offered to design us a Night Light Stories night light to give away to one of our loyal listeners! Here is the picture of the actual night light. Can you imagine how this will light up a room?

Entering for a chance to win is simple. Leave a comment here at Night Light Stories about your favorite night light design you find over at The Art of Patrizia. We will randomly draw a winner on Thursday, October 8th.

What did you say? A word of the day! That is right! In our story there are many juicy words that are fun to learn and say!

pranceto dance or move in a lively or spirited manner

shimmer: To appear as a wavering or flickering image

Creative Corner

1. Make a list of all the things you can think of that make the sound "click".

2. How many words can you make from the words

3. While you are trying to fall asleep, count as high as you can.

As always, I look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many stories we can share together!


  1. My favorite nightlight is the airplane night light.

    It would be nice to see awareness designs, similar to the popular ribbon design.

  2. What a talent she has. My dad used to work with stained glass and I can't imagine how she does such tiny lights!
    My fav. would have to be the firetruck... for obvious reasons:)

  3. Favorite nightlight...the "special light" we got our son that he thinks Nemo gave him because of the color.

  4. What a great idea! I can only imagine how beautiful the night light will be. :)

  5. Samuel's Mommee, SUPER idea. I love it and will send her the suggestion. She is so open to them.
    Steph, love the firetruck too!
    JennyMac, that is such a great story. Thanks for commenting
    Deb, take a look at the post and you can see the actual picture of the Night Light she made.
    Our Maggie is so into mermaids right now, so I am going to be ordering the mermaid one for her :)

  6. I love the night light....I can just vision children sitting by the glow of the light listening to a night light story before bed.

  7. P.S. Stop by my blog to pick up a very well deserved "Luv Ya!" award!

  8. I am another firetruck person! The 3 Wheel Fire Engine is my favorite, but there are lots of awesome designs. The Night Light Stories one she made is amazing.

  9. Thanks guys! She did a really great job with the Night Lights one! So impressed by her :)

  10. Oh I love that dragonfly nightlight!

    Great giveaway!!!!!!

  11. All the nightlights are great! What a talented woman. I love all the lights especially the mermaid one. They are great gifts!!!

  12. her lights are wayyy beautiful
    my girls would adore the zebra and the leopard.. but i ADORE THE PEACOCK. i am in love with it

    the one she made for you is sooo beautiful.. how amazing her talent is


  13. and feel free to come by on friday and put your giveaway on my mclinky so others can see it.

  14. I really like the Peacock design ... and I am not entirely sure why. I searched all over her site for an Owl design - because NHV loves owls and her new room has a woodsy/nature theme - but no luck ... perhaps an owl is a good idea for a future design? Her lights are beautiful :)

  15. Thanks guys! The Peacock caught my attention as well as the hot air balloon.
    Michelle-I love the dragonfly one too, they are my "thing" I collect :)
    Melissasmom-yes, getting the mermaid one for my daughter's birthday!
    Supah and Mommybrain-thanks for stopping by and Dana, love the idea for the owl. I will email her with it, as well as I did with the awareness designs idea. Good thoughts guys!

  16. I ordered two horses! E's b-day is next week and she and P both love horses .. and HEY if you order 30$ or more.. you get a FREE nightlight from a special selection. So I got 3!! for 30 plus shipping.

    what a great deal! I let her know you sent me..

  17. You rock! Umm, what peacock, I didn't see a peacock :) I really am into the hot air balloon!