Friday, September 25, 2009

It's The Great Pumpkin....Regatta?

Do you remember in Episode 11: Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Show Us the Way, we talked about friendship and why we loved our best friends? I have one more reason to appreciate, love and admire my best friend. She is pictured on the left in the above picture and is lovingly called Auntie Kerry in our house. Besides the fact that our children adore her and that she always knows how to brighten a gloomy day, after 15 years of our friendship, she can always surprise me! Today was one of those times. She called to tell me she entered the

What is it?
Here is the description directly from the website:

The First Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta, sponsored by The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, pits the regions giant gourd growers an
d local businesses against each other in what is a competition of size and speed. While it sounds both impossible and crazy, it is a boat race, but the boats are giant pumpkins. The giant pumpkins are carved and hollowed out, put in the lake with forklifts, and raced as if they were kayaks. Join the paddlers and their PVC's (personal vegetable crafts) as they help raise awareness for the Chittenden Emergency Foodshelf and the United Way, official charity of the Great Pumpkin Regatta. Donations of non-perishable food items would be greatly appreciated. For an idea of how other states have orchestrated their regattas, click this link:

Night Light Stories is going to be Auntie Kerry's sponsor for her giant pumpkin adventure on October 11th. Here is where I need all of our creative listeners help!

She has to decorate the giant pumpkin as creatively as she can. You can find example pictures of past pumpkins here. So, what do you think she should make her GIANT PUMPKIN look like? Any ideas for Auntie Kerry?
Leave her your idea in the comment section.


  1. I totally think she should do your logo of the burning sun in your header

  2. Agreed Chief!! She actually is going to have a flag we are making for her of our logo. I am excited to see the final pictures of her!

  3. She should make it into a giant floating donut with a hole in the middle for her to sit in. Cover with frosting and sprinkles.