Friday, October 16, 2009

Episode 13: The Patchwork Pumpkin, Part 1

Click here to listen to: The Patchwork Pumpkin, Part 1
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Hello All,

Have you ever carved a pumpkin or made a scarecrow? The Night Light Stories household loves to do both. So far, we have created the scarecrow that is pictured below. The pumpkins are scheduled to be carved next weekend when the grandparents arrive for a visit.

We would love to see a picture of your pumpkins, scarecrows, or any of the Harvest time decorations you created this year. Send the pictures to and we will post them on the site for all to enjoy, as well as in our Fan Art.

What did you say? A word of the day! That is right! In our story there are

many juicy words that are fun to learn and say!
Crest: the highest part of a hill or mountain range

Ferocious: savagely fierce

Girth: the measure around anything

Muffled: To deaden (a sound)

After listening to the story, can you recall the details to answer these questions?

1. Where does Millie find her father first in the story? The second place she finds him? The third place she finds him?

2. Why does Millie’s father carve the pumpkin without her?

3. Can you name all of the things that are on her father’s list to complete?


Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing after hearing the story.

1. Making lists are a very helpful and useful tool. I use them daily so that I do not forget to complete the many tasks that need to get done throughout the day.
Make a to do list. Check each thing off as you complete them.

2. Create a scary face for Millie's jack-o-lantern. What shapes would you use to make it ferocious

3. Millie's mom uses the idiom "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" in the story. An idiom
is a phrase which has a meaning that is commonly understood by speakers of the language, but whose meaning is often different from the normal meaning of the words. You can find a list of idioms at the website See how many on the list that you have heard of or used before.


We want to send out bright birthday wishes to:

Aunt Kathleen of Valencia, Spain

Nanny D of Danvers, MA

Grammie of Ocala, FL

We hope your day SPARKLED!

If you know someone who has a birthday coming up and you'd like
to send them a Night Light Birthday wish, send us an email at
Please send us your loved one's first name and the first initial of their last name only and we'll pass along the birthday wish. There are no age limits!

As always I look forward to the many stories we can share together.