Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This Thanksgiving was a little more memorable for me though. For the first time in 10 years, we did not travel to our very snowy hometowns, attempt to travel and have to turn around due to weather in our very snowy hometowns, or clean up for company to come to the house for a Thanksgiving feast. The Night Light Stories household had Thanksgiving, just the four of us. We Skyped with our families who are as far away as Spain. I was thankful for the technology to be able to share this holiday with our family and friends.

We started off the day going out to our favorite breakfast spot!

We cheered and danced as the enormous floats of our favorite characters appeared on the TV screen.

We practiced setting the table and taught our friends about table manners.

Some of us peeled the apples and some of us taste tested the apples for our pie.

We cleaned out, washed, seasoned, and dressed the turkey.

We drove our virtual race car while we waited for the turkey to cook.

We sat together, just the four of us, and gave thanks for all our blessings!We would love to hear how you spent your Thanksgiving Day. Feel free to share with us on the blog or at

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