Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Cocoa the puppy found a comfortable lap to take a snooze in.

The boy and *girl took a snooze after a long day at the beach.
*The girl is a former and very sweet student of mine!

The children are snoozing in the car after the 2009 "Walk Now for Autism" walk.

The baby is snoozing peacefully on the floor.

Have you caught someone snoozing lately? Send us a picture of your family member, pet, or friend that you caught snoozing to We will post them on the blog for all to enjoy. As always, we look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many words and pictures we can share together.


Evonne said...

I have some great ones of my son. I'll go through them and send one your way.

Also, I just put all of your stories on my iPod and my kids LOVE them!!!!!

Waggett-Palmtag Family said...

Love it!!

Deb said...

Those are adorable! I have an extensive collection of Gunny snoozing in his spaghetti...will send the best one. :)

Urban School Teacher said...

Great pics. They all look as tired as I feel!

Miss Mel said...

Me too UST :)Thanks for dropping by everyone!!