Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Night Light Stories household really enjoys upbeat and positive children's music, especially when we are having a dance party in the kitchen!  Each of us have our favorite songs and beats, but we can all agree on our favorite musician, Laurie Berkner.  We were so excited on Saturday to be able to go see Laurie and her entire band live in Baltimore.  It was balmy and sticky, but that didn't stop us from dancing up a storm and singing along with them.  My husband and I laughed so much and could not keep up with the cute photographic moments on stage and of our kids.

On our way home, while both kids snoozed in the back, Mr. Chris and I talked about how much Laurie's music has touched us as parents. She has been a huge part of our memories with our kids.  Our four year old learned the words to her song "Moon, Moon, Moon" before he knew his ABC's.  He would ask for it over and over, in his little 10 month old voice. We sang her "Goodnight" song to him each night, adding different animals and funny little lyrics of our own. Our son was quick to share his love for Laurie with his baby sister and soon enough she would waddle around singing the chorus to "When I Walk Along the River".  One of the first times I can remember our two kids playing together included a Laurie song.  Tucker started the game of placing stuffed animals on his sister's  head and then screaming out "Maggie has a hippo on her head".  She laughed so hard she turned purple.  He told her to sign "more" as he ran with delight to gather more stuffed animals from his room.  So, it was no surprise that I teared up when Laurie and her band of wonderful musicians ended the show with the song "Goodnight".  I was glad though, when I looked over at Mr. Chris and found I was not the only one tearing up.

Feel free to share a picture of your very own little musician with us at or on our Facebook Fan Page.  As always, we look forward to the many words and songs we can share together!

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