Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Episode 23: The Ooga Boogas

Click here to listen to: The Ooga Boogas

Hi All,
Our newest story is called “The Ooga Boogas.”  This story has been in the works since our son was two years old when one of his many admirers brought him some new toys. It was a set of three dinosaur figures and on them sat three cavemen.  When you pressed on the cavemen, the dinosaurs roared. Since the cavemen did not make any noise, Mr. Chris improvised. He gave them a voice and started calling them the Ooga Boogas. Oh the adventures they would have! Our son would laugh so hard whenever he did the voice. To this day he’ll come out of his room and say “Do you want to play Ooga Boogas with me? Recently, we took one of the many adventures they had and put it into this story.  We hope you enjoy it!

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What did you say? A word of the day! That is right! In our story there are many juicy words that are fun to use and say.

dash: a hasty or sudden movement.
pledge: a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something.
strife: competition or rivalry
vociferously: crying out noisily.

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing after hearing the story.

1. The Ooga Boogas have had many adventures in our house. Think of your own adventure for the Ooga Boogas to have and write it down. Share the story with a friend or someone in your family.

2. One of the things the Ooga Boogas enjoy doing is Ooga Booga dancing. Make up your own Ooga Booga dance!

After listening to the story, can you recall the details to answer these questions?

1. What was the activity the Ooga Boogas did at the beginning of the story?

2. Why did the Ooga Boogas decide to change their Ooga Booga ways?

3. List all the things the Ooga Boogas made from the Ooga Booga trees.

We want to send out bright birthday wishes to:

Tucker B of West Virginia
Brayden B of New York
Michael U of Pennsylvania
Amy G of West Virginia
Uncle Brian of New York
Bethie C of Massachusetts
Brian C of Massachusetts

As always, I look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many stories we can share together.

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