Saturday, July 2, 2011

Episode 35: Bird Seeds

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Hi All,

The summer is in full swing at the Night Light Stories household. We are excited for all the summery adventures we are going to have such as escaping to the beach, visiting with family and friends, kicking back in the kiddie dinosaur pool, and of course, eating as many brightly colored popsicles as we can!  Stay tuned after the story for details about how we can all share our summer activities together.  As you listen to the story, consider the following: What is your favorite hobby/past time?

Summer is when families get to spend the most time together.  It’s an opportunity to laugh together, learn together, and make some lasting memories.  That’s why we here at the Night Light Stories household are sharing an activity a day that you can do together as a family.  We’ve already shared activities such as building a rain gauge, creating a birds’ nest, and using patterns to make yummy fruit kabobs.  You can find details to all of these activities over at the facebook page.  If you do one of these activities, share with others by leaving a comment or picture.  We’d love to see your summer creations!

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, the National Down Syndrome Society will kick off Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Buddy Walk® season in the heart of Times Square in NYC with a video presentation featuring more than 200 individuals with Down syndrome from across the country and around the world. For more information or to submit a photo, click on the link below. Send us your best shot! Time Square video contest information
The deadline for submitting a photo is July 15, 2011 at 11:59pm ET

What did you say? A word of the day! In our story there are many
juicy words that are fun to use and say.

caress: to touch or pat gently to show affection.
compartment: a part or space marked or partitioned off.
perimeter: the border or outer boundary
sprout: to begin to grow;  shoot forth,  as a plant from a seed.

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing after hearing the story.

1. When you were listening to the story, how many words or phrases did you hear that were a reference to birds? 

2.  Plant a seed and keep track of it's growth using a plant journal. The following website has instructions on planting seeds, recording in a plant journal for different levels of learning, and other engaging activities.

3.  You can learn more about the birds in our story! Check out this website:  . You type in the bird's name you are looking for and it will bring up an overview, picture, sounds bytes of their call, behavior, and interesting facts. Have fun searching, researching, and learning!
After listening to the story, can you recall the details to answer these questions?

1. Why were there no animals in the area where Agnes lived?
2. Where did Agnes find the packet of seeds marked "Seeds of Need"?
3. What sound did the four plants make right before they bloomed?
4. Where did each of the birds go once they bloomed from the flowers?
5. Who do each of the birds remind you of?

We want to send out bright birthday wishes to:

John D of San Antionio Texas 
Kerry W of Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Sue H of East Amherst, New York 
Samantha R of Bedford, Massachusetts 
Gianna S of Peabody, Massachusetts
Sandra D 
Seth J
Meme of Georgetown, Massachusetts
Nana of Eden, New York

We hope your day SPARKLED!

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