Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cookies for Santa

The Night Light Stories household would like to wish a magical 
Christmas filled with joy, loved ones, and lots of yummy treats! 
We wanted to share a fun little video we took a few years back.
 We hope it gives you a holiday giggle.

Mmmmmm....floor cookies! 
Merry Christmas!

You can download our free holiday stories here or on iTunes. 
Fa la la la la la la la la

Chilly's Christmas: (20:08)
An ornament is accidentally placed on the back of the Christmas tree 
and must learn to experience his favorite season using his 
other senses with a little help from his friends!
Free audio download: Chilly's Christmas 
Blog with activities: Chilly's Christmas

       Inky's Christmas: (21:24)
Inky, a nervous octopus, has to figure out a way to control his inking 
so he can attend all of his friends' holiday festivities.
Free audio download: Inky's Christmas
Blog with activities: Inky's Christmas

Red vs. Green: (22:21)
When a team of Christmas elves goes against a team 
of St. Patrick's Day in the Holiday Hockey Winter Classic, who will win? 
*I may or may not live out my "being a punk rocker" dream
 in this episode. You will have to listen to find out!* 
Free audio download: Red vs. Green
Blog with activities: Red vs. Green

Candy Cane Catastrophe (14:56)
Tragedy befalls a boy and his candy cane on a long car 
drive to Grandma's for the holidays.
Free audio download: Candy Cane Catastrophe
Blog with activities: Candy Cane Catastrophe 

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