Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Year in Stories

I was sitting here thinking this morning about our newest story we are writing. Then I remembered today was the last day of 2011. How crazy is that? That got me thinking about which stories filled this year for us. So, I went back to take a look through the blog. I found some other things that we did too!  

We created 39 Lighting the Way With Words, made our second video tutorial,  hosted 2 guest posts on the blog, had 7 creative people record bumpers to kick off our stories, recorded our first monthly segment for the Musing Mommies podcast, and created a resource called "Story Snapshots" on the blog where you could find a short synopsis of each story along with links to the audio and activities.  

To top it off, we wrote and recorded these 13 stories:

The Wrestling Match: (8:13)
Two wrestlers meet in the ring for a re-match!  Who will come out victorious?
Free audio download: The Wrestling Match
Blog with activities: The Wrestling Match

Mojo's Reptile Rescue: (12:12)
Mojo the ferret discovers a new friend in the most unlikely of places.
Free audio download: Mojo's Reptile Rescue
Blog with activities: Mojo's Reptile Rescue

That's Not How Daddy Does It: (10:28)
A rhyming poem where a boy discovers the differences between his parents' styles of play. 
Free audio download: That's Not How Daddy Does It
Blog with activities: That's Not How Daddy Does It

The Leprechaun Trap (6:35)
Two leprechauns are caught in a leprechaun trap and try to find different ways to escape.
Free audio download: The Leprechaun Trap
Blog with activities: The Leprechaun Trap

Alien Pursuit (11:12)
A family has to figure out how to lose the alien ships hot on their tail on their ride home from the grocery store.
Free audio download: Alien Pursuit
Blog with activities: Alien Pursuit

The Limerig (4:47)
A limerick for Better Hearing and Speech Month.
Free audio download: The Limerig
Blog with activities: The Limerig

Bird Seeds (21:10)
When Agnes, an old woman who lives alone in the woods, discovers a mysterious packet of seeds she finds more than just vegetables can grow in her garden. 
Free audio download: Bird Seeds
Blog with activities: Bird Seeds

The Farm Girl and the Feather (22:59)
A fairy tale that proves warriors and their weapons come in different shapes and sizes.
Free audio download: The Farm Girl and the Feather
Blog with activities: The Farm Girl and the Feather

Mojo's Outdoor Adventure (17:01)
Mojo the ferret takes an unexpected trip outside but will he be able to find a way back in?
Free audio download: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure
Blog with activities: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure

Eat the Cake (8:06)
A little one has a special request for everyone in attendance at her fourth birthday party. 
Free audio download: Eat the Cake
Blog with Activities: Eat the Cake

A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween (11:17)
A goblin named Glum wants to have a surprise birthday party for his brother Gloom, but every monster he invites already has plans for the evening.
Free audio download: A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween
Blog with activities: A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween

The Turns of the Seasons (13:58)
One by one, the seasons take turns impacting people's lives. 
Free audio download: The Turns of the Seasons
Blog with activities: The Turns of the Seasons

Candy Cane Catastrophe (14:56)
Tragedy befalls a boy and his candy cane on a long car drive to Grandma's for the holidays.
Free audio download: Candy Cane Catastrophe
Blog with activities: Candy Cane Catastrophe

We feel so lucky to have such loyal listeners! We are always excited to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and our stories with your friends and families. We are looking forward to even more stories, posts and guest bumpers in 2012. Thank you for helping us to keep our imaginations alive! 

As always we look forward to watching the glow 
grow brighter with the many stories, words, posts, 
and resources we can share together.

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