Thursday, January 19, 2012


Have you heard our story with some effervescent 
characters in it? 

Toe Jam (18:34)
A boy's personal collection grows into something far bigger than himself.
Free audio download:Toe Jam
Blog with activities:Toe Jam

Speaking of effervescent personalities, I would like to thank all of my listener friends who helped me think of some exceptional "e" words this morning! I would like to send out an enormous thank you to Kelly, Carin, Susan, Kelly M, Meghan, Evonne, Brandy, Lisa, Donna, Bonni, 
Elizabeth P, and Kari! You all are excellent thinkers!

As always, we look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the
 many words we can share together!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ms Mel it was truly "Exhilarating" helping you think of "E" words today! I love helping "Expanding" the horizons of future generations! ;)