Monday, February 27, 2012


AGE 10 
Paige is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
She has a great imagination and loves to make up stories.
Read Paige's fantastic story full of action, 
adventure, and a great message!  


One Amazing Hero!

Once upon a time there was a great superhero. His name was Spicer. Spicer the Great to be exact.

One day Spicer was patrolling the streets when he heard a siren. There was a fire somewhere so he flew off to locate the fire. It was coming from the jewelry store. It wasn't a fire. It was a robbery!

When Spicer got to the crime scene there were policemen everywhere. Once he pushed his way through the crowd he saw the gigantic glass display cases were all broken! Spicer used his x-ray vision powers to find footprints.

When he found the footprints they led all the way out of the city. Only Fast Max could get out of the city in such little time. Fast Max was super hard to catch.

When Spicer found the end, the footprints went straight through a wall of an old abandoned warehouse. Only Dr. Invisible could go through walls. But he is in jail. If he escaped the police would tell Spicer of course. But maybe it was Fancy Nancy. Who could it be? Spicer was gonna find out soon.

Spicer burst threw the door but nobody could see him with his invisibility powers. He saw a kid, perhaps a 10-year old running around at a fantastic speed. Just like Fast Max! He was flying through things without any rubble flying about. Just like Dr. Invisible and Fancy Nancy. Spicer just found the criminal!

"Stop kid", yelled Spicer. He stopped.

"First of all", he said, "My name is not kid. It is Cowman."

"Well", said Spicer, "You're still going to jail." Just then the cops broke in. Cowman was handcuffed and sent away to jail.

A few days later Dr. Pepper, Spicer's real identity, walked out of his office. He was about to pull a red cape out of his briefcase when he saw Freezeray fly to the scene. "I'll let him get it this time", he thought. When he got home he saw his kids watching the news. Very unusual so he sat down and watched, too. The anchor said that the true identity of Cowman was revealed. It was a kid from Kathy and Wyatt's school, Dr. Pepper's kids. His name is Malden Malcolm and he became a super villain from all that bullying. He was driven mad!

Then Kathy said, "Daddy, that's the kid I told the bullies to stop bullying!"

"You did the right thing, Kathy", said Dr. Pepper (Spicer).

The End


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