Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We have our first loose tooth in our house!
Have you heard our story about loose teeth?
A Tooth's Story: (17:12)

A tooth learns that he will be leaving his home 
in the mouth from a voice down below the gums.  
He must say goodbye to his friends and inform 
the rest of the teeth about their own impending journey.

Free audio download: A Tooth's Story

Blog with activities: A Tooth's Story

Our kids love to narrate stories to each other and to us. While they narrate, they come up with clever details and exciting twists and turns. They work well off one another to create the silliest story possible. When do you narrate stories? Do you write your stories down or type them out? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page

As always, we look forward to watching the glow grow brighter 
with the many words we can share together.

Our other words that begin with "N"

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