Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TADPOLE TALES: The Tadpole Days

Welcome back to Tadpole Tales! 

Leg-a-less continues his metamorphosis into a frog. This week, his body has changed shape again. His tail continues to grow more solid and shorter. His mouth is fully formed and fully functional. He devours the dried meal worms and small pieces of lettuce we feed him daily. But his biggest growth this week has been in his legs. We noticed just yesterday that a small, webbed foot has formed on the end of his leg! 

  • Small, webbed feet are beginning to develop
  • Body continues to change shape 
  • Tail is continuing to shorten
  • Rising to surface every 1-5 minutes to take a breath
  • Eating meal worms and small pieces of lettuce
  • A distinct mouth is formed 

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