Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TADPOLE TALES: The Tadpole Days

Welcome back to Tadpole Tales!

Leg-a-less continues his metamorphosis into a frog. This week, his legs have grown longer and broken free from being encased in the transparent portion of his tail. He uses his new found legs and feet to push off from the bottom of the tank. His energy is returning as we see him constantly swimming. We added a rock in his tank that sits above the water line. That way, he'll be able to have a place to rest outside the water once he's primarily using his lungs to breathe. 

  • Legs are elongated with more pronounced web feet 
  • Legs are now free floating outside the tail 
  • Very active, using new legs to push off the bottom of the tank
  • Rising to surface every 1-5 minutes to take a breath
  • Eating meal worms and small pieces of lettuce
  • Eyes are closer together
  • Enjoys hiding underneath the new rock in the tank

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