Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Year! We look forward to watching the glow grow brighter in 2014 with all the new (and old) stories we can share together. Feel free to share them with your loved ones, friends, second cousins twice removed and anybody else you can think of at the moment. They can find us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, on our Pinterest board, and on iTunes.

Each member of the Night Light Stories household chose a 
favorite story for your listening pleasure. 



Sled Ride: (6:06)
A little boy tells of his exciting sled ride down 
the hill while tryingto avoid a collision.
Free audio download: Sled Ride
Blog with activities: Sled Ride


Lulu and Her Lavender Lion: (12:31)
A girl's journey through her memories with her imaginary friend.
Free audio download: Lulu and Her Lavender Lion
Blog with activities: Lulu and Her Lavender Lion

MR. CHRIS' CHOICE (age 39)

Agent Tissue Has an Issue: (14:21)
Agent Tissue is hot on the trail of a runaway nose that is hiding on the playground. Can his two new recruits help him catch the slippery culprit?
Free audio download: Agent Tissue Has an Issue
Blog with activities: Agent Tissue Has an Issue

MS. MEL'S CHOICE (age 36)

The Watermelon Seed: (10:18)
A little boy and his grandmother exchange letters describing the different changes he is seeing in his mom after she swallows a watermelon seed.
Free audio download: The Watermelon Seed
Blog with activities: The Watermelon Seed

If you had to choose a story, which one would it be? 
Share with us in the comments below or over at our Facebook page.

BRING ON 2014!


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