Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hi All,

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day? We are! Our leprechaun trap is set and ready to see if we can capture one of those lucky, green lads tonight. Did you make a leprechaun trap? We'd love to see it. Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook page

To pass the time while you're waiting, you can check out our leprechaun trap below AND listen to five of our stories that have a leprechaun as a character. We wish you luck tonight! 


Red vs. Green: (22:21)
When a team of Christmas elves goes against a team of 
St. Patrick's Day leprechauns in the Holiday 
Hockey Winter Classic, who will win?

Free audio download: Red vs. Green

Blog with activities: Red vs. Green

The Leprechaun Trap (6:35)

Two leprechauns are caught in a leprechaun trap and try to find 

different ways to escape.
Free audio download: The Leprechaun Trap
Blog with activities: The Leprechaun Trap

The Spelling Bee (19:01)

A boy prepares for his shot at taking home the spelling bee 

championship. Will he succeed? 
Free audio download: The Spelling Bee
Blog with activities: The Spelling Bee

Clementine's Big Mess (16:05)
Clementine the cupid has lost his magical quiver. 
Can his friends help him find it?
Free audio download: Clementine's Big Mess
Blog with activities: Clementine's Big Mess

A Letter from a Leprechaun (5:30)
A reading of a letter written by Seamus the leprechaun
 detailing how he escaped a leprechaun trap. 
Free audio download: A Letter from a Leprechaun
Blog with activities: A Letter from a Leprechaun

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