Thursday, March 6, 2014

Terrapene Ornata, Part 2

Click here to listen to: Terrapene Ornata, Part 2 (16:18)
Haver, a bit of a neat freak, heads out to find the first of the 21 caches hidden by expert geocacher, Babatoochee. Unfortunately for Haver, obtaining the cache isn't as easy as he had hoped. 
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We'd like to send out a special thanks to our friend, Sophie, from The Oh Beep! Geocaching podcast. The Oh Beep! Geocaching podcast is a family friendly show that covers news, events and discusses topics related to geocaching. You can find them at the links below:

If you remember from the last episode, we had mentioned that Terrapene Ornata, Parts 1 and 2 are the next installments of the Pogona Vitticeps series. They’re stand alone stories and you don’t NEED to have listened to the Pogona Vitticeps stories before listening to these two, but it does add a little something extra magical to the experience if you listen to those first.

Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1 (16:00)
Strange images seemingly appear out of nowhere when Vivien 
spends time with a special animal. 
Free audio download: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1
Blog with activities: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1

Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2 (23:45)
Amidst tragedy, Vivien learns the secret behind her visions 
and discovers she has a difficult decision to make. 
Free audio download: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2
Blog with activities: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2

Terrapene Ornata, Part 1 (19:30)

Haver Hawkings loves geography and maps but hates getting dirty. 
When his teacher introduces him to a global hobby called Geocaching, 
Haver learns there's a world of hidden objects for him to discover.
Free audio download: Terrapene Ornata, Part 1
Blog with activities: Terrapene Ornata, Part 1

What did you say? A word of the day! 
In our story there are many juicy words 
that are fun to use and say.

chlorophyll: the green coloring matter of leaves and plants.

device: a thing made for a practical purpose

gnarly: (of trees) full of or covered with knotty protuberances or knots.

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing
after hearing the story.

1. Haver came upon a riddle that Babatoochee left as a hint. Work to solve even more riddles on this interactive riddle website.

2. Interested in Geocaching? Listen to The Oh Beep! Geocaching podcast to learn some tips and tricks of getting started!

3. Plan out a map of "practice" caches that you could place around your yard or home.

4. Haver likes to be clean. Help your parents clean the bathroom or kitchen using disinfectant wipes just like Haver!

5. At the end Haver discovers a QR (Quick Response) code. If you have a device, scan the code below to see what happens! Do your own treasure hunt trying to locate other QR codes placed on products around your house.

After listening to the story, can you recall the
details to answer these questions?

1. Who hid 21 caches that no one has been able to find?
2. When (what season) did Haver look for Babatoochee's 21 caches? 
3. Where was the eleventh cache located? 
4. Why did Haver need to get the silver key out of the blob of sap?
5. What words popped out at Haver that made him click "yes" at the end of the story?

Will D of Texas
Aunt Julie of New York
Drew from Colorado
Stephen from Colorado
Ms. Sally of Virginia

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Illustration by Reg Silva

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