Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Summer is coming! Are you traveling by plane, train, automobile, duckboat...or horse?  If you are, we have just the thing to keep you entertained. Below, find links to some of our favorite audio stories. If you like what you hear, be sure to share! And don't forget! You can download all 60+ of our stories at iTunes

The Walk: (11:46)
A description from a little boy of all the sights he sees on a walk with his family.
Free audio download: The Walk
Blog with activities: The Walk

The Hike: (13:26)
The sequel to "The Walk" describes the boy's adventures he has on a hike with his family.
Free audio download: The Hike
Blog with activities: The Hike

Pedal Power (14:21)

While learning to ride a bike, a boy learns perseverance breeds confidence.

Free audio downloadPedal Power

Blog with activitiesPedal Power 

Bird Seeds (21:10)
When Agnes, an old woman who lives alone in the woods, discovers a mysterious packet of seeds she finds more than just vegetables can grow in her garden. 
Free audio download: Bird Seeds
Blog with activities: Bird Seeds

The Farm Girl and the Feather (22:59)
A fairy tale that proves warriors and their weapons come in different shapes and sizes.
Free audio download: The Farm Girl and the Feather
Blog with activities: The Farm Girl and the Feather

Mojo's Outdoor Adventure (17:01)
Mojo the ferret takes an unexpected trip outside but will he be able to find a way back in?
Free audio download: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure
Blog with activities: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure

The Turns of the Seasons (13:58)
One by one, the seasons take turns impacting people's lives. 
Free audio download: The Turns of the Seasons
Blog with activities: The Turns of the Seasons

The Watermelon Seed: (10:18)
A little boy and his grandmother exchange letters describing the different changes he is seeing in his mom after she swallows a watermelon seed.
Free audio download: The Watermelon Seed
Blog with activities: The Watermelon Seed

Lulu and Her Lavender Lion: (12:31)
A girl's journey through her memories with her imaginary friend.

Free audio download: Lulu and Her Lavender Lion
Blog with activities: Lulu and Her Lavender Lion

Alien Pursuit (11:12)
A family has to figure out how to lose the alien ships hot on their tail on their ride home from the grocery store.
Free audio download: Alien Pursuit
Blog with activities: Alien Pursuit

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