Saturday, July 4, 2020

Episode 73: The Cloud, Chapter 12

Hi All, 

Just a reminder that we are recording a novella that Mr. Chris and I wrote. The story, about kids solving a mystery using their technology skills,  has twenty-five chapters.  
Last week we brought you Chapter 11, where Val and Garrett went to turn in attendance in the office, when they found the principal, Mr. Wolff, was feeling sick. Mr. Wolff tasked them both with drafting health rules for the school, and ended with him and Jamie going home sick.

What type of weather is happening in your neck of the woods? Take a picture and upload it to our group folder. We'll place them on the the class website at to help out The Cloud with their science fair data!   


                                                                 Photo credit: Texthelp

This week, we bring you Chapter 12. Our sponsor, Texthelp, will be featured before and after this week's episode. Texthelp, the makers of WriQ, is establishing a new revolution for student writing achievement. Join a growing community of students and teachers and try WriQ for free today. Visit:


What did you say? A word of the day! In our story 
there are many juicy words that are fun to use and say.

Lounge - To pass time idly and indolently.

Application - A computer program used for a particular type of job or problem.

Genuinely - Possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real.

Definitively - Serving to define, fix, or specify definitely.

Artifacts - Any feature that is not naturally present but is a product of an extrinsic agent, method, or the like.


Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing 
after hearing the story.

1. Share your coolest weather pictures in this folder!

2. What do YOU think is making people sick in the school? Add your theory to the Padlet

3. Continue to help The Cloud by adding your own suggestions to help fight illness in the school to the Cleanliness Catalog. 

                         COMPREHENSION CHALLENGE

After listening to the story, can you recall the 
details to answer these questions?

1. Who hypothesized that Melvin was causing everyone to get sick?

2. What channels did Todd watch?

3. When were Val and Garrett walking to the office?

4. Where did The Cloud take pictures?

5. Why does The Cloud suspect someone is helping them?

Auntie Kerry of Massachusetts
John Kane of Texas


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