Saturday, September 26, 2020

Episode 77: The Cloud, Chapter 17


Hi All,

Just a reminder that we are recording a novella that Mr. Chris and I wrote. The story, about kids solving a mystery using their technology skills, has twenty-five chapters.  

A few weeks ago, we brought you Chapter 16, where The Cloud enlisted the class' help in gathering ladybugs to put in a container so Todd could breathe in the air around the ladybugs to see if they were what was making the school sick. They came to the conclusion that the ladybugs did not cause everyone to get sick, and the experiment was successful.

Did you know that you can help the Cloud? Simply share a picture of the weather that is happening in your neck of the woods at  We'll place them on the the class website at to help out The Cloud with their science fair data!  

                                                    CATCH UP ON THE CLOUD!
                                                Click here to listen to Chapters 1-16


What did you say? A word of the day! In our story 
there are many juicy words that are fun to use and say.

Immune - Protected from a disease or the like.

Claim - An assertion of something as a fact.

Foreign - Of, relating to, or derived from another country or nation; not native.

Benefactor - A person who confers a benefit; kindly helper.

Gripe -  To complain naggingly or constantly; grumble.


Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing 
after hearing the story.

1. VOTE! Click here to vote if you think The Cloud should stop collecting data for their science fair and use what the anonymous contributor has been placed in their folder 

2. Share your favorite part of the story so far by clicking here!

3. Graph your weather for the week by filling in the boxes on this slide here.

                       COMPREHENSION CHALLENGE

After listening to the story, can you recall the 
details to answer these questions?

1. Who skates by the library?

2. What kind of apple was Garrett eating?

3. When did Garrett have flag football?

4. Where did The Cloud want to bring Mr. Brisbane?

5. Why did Todd think that using the anonymous reports was not considered cheating?

Ms. Mel of Virginia
Eric of Pennsylvania
Uncle Steve of New Jersey


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