Sunday, September 20, 2020

Playing Catch Up

 Hello All,

The Night Light Stories Household is back to school in a Distance Learning environment. We wanted to post some of our quick links for a "one stop shop" type of post. Come catch up with us!

Story Snapshots

Visit this link to view a list of our 62 stories. Here you'll find links to the audio and the blog post with activities.

The Cloud

Visit this link to catch up on our novella, The Cloud. We update this link each week to include all of the chapters that are posted. 


Visit this link to join us on EduWalks. Mr. Chris and I share resources and strategies to help families, students, educators and admin for the current learning environment! 

Night Light Stories Live

Visit this link to hear our stories LIVE! Join Mr. Chris and I on Sundays at 6PM EST at our Night Light Stories Facebook page where we say hello, catch up on the week, tell jokes, play a game and read our stories. 

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