Thursday, December 11, 2008

Episode 2: Chilly's Christmas

Click here to listen to CHILLY'S CHRISTMAS

Hello All,

The holiday season is upon us and our house, probably like yours, is buzzing with excitement! Our second story, Chilly's Christmas, was written by Chris and Melissa Bugaj. As you listen to the story consider the following, Have you ever been in a situation where things are different from what you are used to?

What did you say? A word of the day!

That is right! In our story there are many juicy words that are fun to learn and say! I am going to post a word or two or three from the story that would be fun to try to use in your conversations throughout the week.

Admire: to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval.

Gingerly: with great care or caution

Illuminate: to enlighten, as with knowledge. To supply or brighten with light

Muster: to come together; collect; assemble; gather

Scrumptious: very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid


Click on the PDF files below to create one or all of your favorite characters from the story!

The directions and templates are there for you to use or you can create your very own!
Either way, send us a digital picture of your project to .

We would love to see your creations! As always, keep your light glowing brightly!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing
after hearing the story.

1. The family in Chilly's story celebrates Christmas, but a lot of people do not celebrate Christmas. Learn about another holiday and some of their fun traditions.

2. Create one of the activities from the Crafty Corner in this blog.

After listening to the story, can you recall the details to answer these questions?

1. Convince Chilly that being on the back of the tree is not as bad as he thinks. What are some positive things about being on the back of the tree that you can think of?

2. Where was Chilly staying before he was on the tree?

3. What senses did Chilly use to experience of the holiday happenings?