Sunday, April 20, 2014

Terrapene Ornata Part 3

Click here to listen to: Terrapene Ornata, Part 3 (35:23)
During the summer before his fifth grade school year, Haver Hawkings sets out to find all 21 geocaches hidden by an expert named Babatoochee. Having found 20 of the 21 caches, Haver searches for the final one hoping it will be the secret that unlocks the entire mystery. 

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If you remember from the last episode, we had mentioned that Terrapene Ornata, Parts 1 and 2 are the next installments of the Pogona Vitticeps series. They’re stand alone stories and you don’t NEED to have listened to the Pogona Vitticeps stories before listening to these two, but it does add a little something extra magical to the experience if you listen to those first.

Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1 (16:00)
Strange images seemingly appear out of nowhere when Vivien 
spends time with a special animal. 
Free audio download: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1
Blog with activities: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 1

Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2 (23:45)
Amidst tragedy, Vivien learns the secret behind her visions 
and discovers she has a difficult decision to make. 
Free audio download: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2
Blog with activities: Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2

Terrapene Ornata, Part 1 (19:30)

Haver Hawkings loves geography and maps but hates getting dirty. 
When his teacher introduces him to a global hobby called Geocaching, 
Haver learns there's a world of hidden objects for him to discover.
Free audio download: Terrapene Ornata, Part 1
Blog with activities: Terrapene Ornata, Part 1

Terrapene Ornata, Part 2 (16:18)
Haver, a bit of a neat freak, heads out to find the first of the 21 caches hidden by expert geocacher, Babatoochee. Unfortunately for Haver, obtaining the cache isn't as 
easy as he had hoped.
Free audio download: Terrapene Ornata, Part 2
Blog with activities: Terrapene Ornata, Part 2 

What did you say? A word of the day! 
In our story there are many juicy words 
that are fun to use and say.

acquisition: the act of gaining possession 
hoist: to raise or lift.
obstacle: something that obstructs or hinders progress.
silt earthly matter, fine sand.
squelch: to make a splashing sound.

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing
after hearing the story.

1. Locate scientific names for different animals. Make a matching game with a picture of the animal on one card and their scientific name on the other using the collage option at In your family see who can match them all correctly!

2. Name the world that Haver sees through the back of the metal turtle (Hint: You need to listen to Pogona Vitticeps, Part 2 to know the name). 

3. Step out of your comfort zone and get messy by making this Paper Mache Patchwork Turtle. 

After listening to the story, can you recall the
details to answer these questions?

1. Who asked the question that gave Haver the idea about how to organize the messages within the caches?
2. When did Haver begin his search for Babatoochee's caches? 
3. Where did Haver have to reach his hand to retrieve the last cache? 
4. Why didn't Haver quit after realizing what he was looking for?
5. What did Haver see when he looked into the open back of the metal turtle?

Bella K of Maine
Morgan of Virginia
Hayden of Virginia
Landon of Virginia
Liv of Ohio
Kai of New Hampshire

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Illustration by Reg Silva

Monday, April 7, 2014

Springing into Stories

Spring has not fully sprung, but it's well on its way. To help it along, I thought we'd post some of our stories that remind us of new adventures, taking in all the new life around us and enjoying the turn of the seasons. Won't you join us? 

The Walk: (11:46)
A description from a little boy of all the sights he sees on a walk with his family.
Free audio download: The Walk
Blog with activities: The Walk

The Hike: (13:26)
The sequel to "The Walk" describes the boy's adventures he has on a hike with his family.
Free audio download: The Hike
Blog with activities: The Hike

Pedal Power (14:21)
While learning to ride a bike, a boy learns perseverance breeds confidence.
Free audio downloadPedal Power
Blog with activitiesPedal Power 

Bird Seeds (21:10)
When Agnes, an old woman who lives alone in the woods, discovers a mysterious packet of seeds she finds more than just vegetables can grow in her garden. 
Free audio download: Bird Seeds
Blog with activities: Bird Seeds

The Farm Girl and the Feather (22:59)
A fairy tale that proves warriors and their weapons come in different shapes and sizes.
Free audio download: The Farm Girl and the Feather
Blog with activities: The Farm Girl and the Feather

Mojo's Outdoor Adventure (17:01)
Mojo the ferret takes an unexpected trip outside but will he be able to find a way back in?
Free audio download: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure
Blog with activities: Mojo's Outdoor Adventure

The Turns of the Seasons (13:58)
One by one, the seasons take turns impacting people's lives. 
Free audio download: The Turns of the Seasons
Blog with activities: The Turns of the Seasons