Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lighting the Way With Words

Click here to listen to: Football Hero (6:30)
There's only seconds left in the big game. 
Who will be the football hero?

Mr. Chris and I have been doing an exercise program that instructs us to do different forms of a lunge. The kids think it is hilarious watching us twist, turn and bend our bodies to get ourselves into this position.  

One particular time we were struggling, I said to our daughter, "If you think it is so easy, why don't you try it?" And so she did it (as pictured above)...instantly. Kids are amazing with how flexible and durable they are. 

Give us your best visual definition of lunge by sending us a picture to or post it on our Facebook Page.  As always, we look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many words we can share together

The BOOK IT! Program Challenge

Our kids have always loved to read. Recently, our son has been reading the beloved classic, Charlotte's Web. The teacher in me LOVED that he picked that book out on his own and started reading it. The mom in me was so excited that he wanted to read THAT story in particular. It has given us a chance to connect on a whole new level. We have formed our own little book club in the morning and it has sparked some interesting conversations between us. 

So, when our son brought home a reading form from school for the BOOK IT! Program sponsored by Pizza Hut, he was so excited to be able to fill it out in order to earn his free personal pizza coupon. Have you heard of this program before? It's fantastic and encourages reading across the grade levels. 

Currently, the BOOK IT! Program is offering a new challenge. You can read about it below and register for it until March 4th at the website:  

"The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program, which is the longest running corporate literacy program in the country,  is launching its “Give Me 20 Challenge.” (No pushups required!)
The Give Me 20 Challenge is designed to get kids to commit to read 20 minutes a day, for eight weeks. Families and classrooms that meet the eight-week challenge can enter for a chance to win one of fifty The Very Hungry Caterpillar prize packages.  
Why take the challenge? Children who read themselves and are read to on a regular basis show more interest in books, have a higher vocabulary, and learn to read more easily...and just 20 minutes a day is all it takes."

We hope to see you there! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Episode 55 (Flashlight Episode): Football Hero

Click here to listen to: Football Hero (6:30)
There's only seconds left in the big game. 
Who will be the football hero?

Hi All,

We were sad when the NFL season was over. We enjoy our football Sundays here in the Night Light Stories household. But we don't fret about it too much. Spring is right around the corner. That means there will be plenty to do outside! We like to go for walks around the mountain or hike along the Appalachian Trail. Oh! And we can't forget bike riding

Guess what? Our fully illustrated version of Dragonfly, Dragonfly
Show Us The Way is now available in Spanish as an in-app purchase 
from the Flying Books app.It is available for download 
on your iPhone or iPad. 

Illustration by Reg Silva

What did you say? A word of the day! In our story
there are many juicy words that are fun to use and say.

dedication: the act of being wholly committed to something. 
line of scrimmage: an imaginary line, parallel to the goal lines, on which the ball is placed at the start of a down and on either side of which the offense and defense line up. 
stricken: deeply affected with grief, fear, or other emotions.
tremendous: extraordinarily great in size, amount, or intensity.

Try these activities to keep your imagination glowing
after hearing the story.

1. Try to score a touchdown with this interactive game called "Taz's Football Frenzy." 

2. Create a football craft like some of these over on the site, Craft Jr.

3. Listen to the story a second time and see if you can hear details that would let you know who the narrator of the story really is. 

4. Listen to our three stories that have a leprechaun in them! St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! 

Red vs. Green: (22:21)
When a team of Christmas elves goes against a team of St. Patrick's Day 
leprechauns in the Holiday Hockey Winter Classic, who will win?
Free audio download: Red vs. Green
Blog with activities: Red vs. Green

The Leprechaun Trap (6:35)
Two leprechauns are caught in a leprechaun trap and try to 
find different ways to escape.
Free audio download: The Leprechaun Trap
Blog with activities: The Leprechaun Trap

A Letter from a Leprechaun (5:30)
A reading of a letter written by Seamus the leprechaun detailing 
how he escaped a leprechaun trap. 
Free audio download: A Letter from a Leprechaun
Blog with activities: A Letter from a Leprechaun

After listening to the story, can you recall the
details to answer these questions?

1. Who does the narrator smile back at in the beginning of the story?
2. What happens when the players are at the line of scrimmage?
3, Where does the quarterback throw the ball?
4. Why does the narrator have such a hard time hearing the quarterback?
5. How does the narrator react to the touchdown?

We want to send out bright birthday wishes to:

Becky of Ohio, 
Robyn of New York
Ella of New York
Sophia of New York
Liam of Virginia 
Cody and Caleb

We hope your days SPARKLED!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lighting the Way With Words

The Leprechaun Trap (6:35)
Two leprechauns are caught in a leprechaun trap and 
try to find different ways to escape.
Free audio download: The Leprechaun Trap
Blog with activities: The Leprechaun Trap

I love to buy a keepsake when we go on a family trip. It 
helps me to remember the good times we had on that 
vacation.What keepsake do you have that is your 
favorite? Share with us in the comments. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lighting the Way With Words

Clementine's Big Mess (16:05)
Clementine the cupid has lost his magical quiver. 
Can his friends help him find it?
Free audio download: Clementine's Big Mess
Blog with activities: Clementine's Big Mess

We hope you are all having a jovial Valentine's Day!