Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Captain Destructo: (6:34)
A poem about having patience with a 
younger sibling.

Free audio download: Captain Destructo

Blog with activities: Captain Destructo

Do your kids quarrel? Ours sure do, especially with summer break in full swing. I recently collaborated with my friend, Michele, to write an article detailing 
strategies that can help your kids to practice more patience with one another. 

We also wrote an article about how to keep your kids' minds engaged in learning (without them even knowing it) all summer long.

And if your house is anything like ours, "I'm sorry" is frequently heard. It just so happens we have a story describing where all those words go at 
the end of the day.  

The I'm Sorry Truck: (5:11)
A hapless truck investigates what happens to all the  
"I'm Sorry's" he delivers to the recycling center.
Free audio download: The I'm Sorry Truck
Blog with activities: The I'm Sorry Truck
Download the game board: The I'm Sorry Truck 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Leg-a-LOTS is officially a ... 

(drumroll please)


That's right! Leg-a-LOTS no longer has a tail and officially spends most of his time breathing oxygen outside of the water! He enjoys sitting atop the rock in the tank. He also likes to climb the sides of it using the tiny suction cup pads on the bottom of his webbed feet. Take a look! 

  • Breathing oxygen primarily outside of the water
  • Fully formed frog body
  • Hops around the land using front and back legs

Thanks for joining us on Leg-a-LOTS' journey! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

TADPOLE TALES: The Tadpole Days

Welcome back to Tadpole Tales!

BIG NEWS! Leg-a-less has outgrown his name. I think we should rename him...Leg-a-LOTS! 

This week, Leg-a-LOTS grew front legs! His back legs have formed a joint in the middle (like a knee) so he is able to bend it push off when he swims. He continues to enjoy hiding behind the rock in the tank. The rock, that sits above the surface of the water, will give Leg-a-LOTS a place to rest outside the water once he's primarily using his lungs to breathe. 

  • Back legs have formed a joint in the middle (like a knee) 
  • Front legs have formed 
  • Very active, using new legs to push off the bottom of the tank and around rocks in the tank
  • Rising to surface every 1-3 minutes to take a breath
  • Eating meal worms and small pieces of lettuce
  • Tail continues to shrink