Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did you say CONTEST?

Hello All!

Happy New Year everyone! We here at Night Light Stories could not think of a better way to bring in the new year than having a contest! It is simple to enter and the prize to win is something all ages can have fun with!

What is the prize for the winner you ask?

GOOSIE CARDS! What, you have never heard of them? You must read on then!

Goosie Cards are colorful, durable and best of all, custom flash cards made with your own pictures. We, at the Night Light household live far from our extended families. As our children grow older, it is wonderful to be able to have photos with names on a sturdy card that my children can spill on and chew on without destroying the picture. There are so many other uses for them as well such as site words, sentence building, shapes, colors- the choices are endless and only limited to your imagination. You can check out this wonderful product for yourself by going to Go ahead, take a gander!

Goosie Cards has generously offered to give the winner of our contest a free set of 10 custom made Goosie Cards.

Wait, but that is not all. On top of that, everyone can win! If you visit Goosie Cards at and place an order between January 7th and February 28th you can receive 20% off your order! Just type in the promo code nightlight.

I will be posting our new Night Light story sometime this weekend. The description of the contest, along with some new mind tingling vocabulary will be available on the blog along with, of course, the link to the story. Don't forget, you can also download our stories for free on iTunes.
As always, keep your light glowing brightly!


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