Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lighting the Way With Words

Hi All,

As both teachers and parents, we love to enhance our children's vocabulary on a daily basis. Children pick up on new words in conversations, in library books you just brought home, or new words they hear on their favorite television show, such as the Imagination Movers.

In the spirit of expanding vocabulary once a week, we are going to post a word that we think could help children's vocabulary grow. With the word we will be posting a picture that demonstrates its meaning. Each week we'll add a new word and corresponding picture. This week, we've started with the letter "A" and we'll continue, as time goes on, to create a visual Night Light Stories dictionary by adding words alphabetically!


This blog and our stories would be nothing without you.We need you to get creative with us. When we post the new word of the week with our picture, go ahead and take your own picture of how YOU think the word should be defined visually. Send it to us at and we will post them on our site for all to enjoy.

So here we go! This is our first word and we hope you will help us be creative with it. Feel free to include a sentence that uses the word as well. You can create one like ours by visiting Most of all, have fun!

Lighting the Way with Words

Night Light Stories was featured in the following blogs this week:

Toddler Brain by an illuminating mom and teacher, Dana Verhoff

Teaching All by an inspiring educator, Patrick Black

Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that you were able to share our stories with your children in your home and in your classroom! I love watching that glow grow brighter.

We want to send out bright birthday wishes to:

Gianna S from Peabody, MA
Meme from Georgetown, MA
Nana from Eden, NY

We hope your day SPARKLED!

If you know someone who has a birthday coming up and you'd like to send them a Night Light Birthday wish, send us an email at

Please send us your loved one's first name and the first initial of their last name only and we'll pass along the birthday wish. There are no age limits!

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