Thursday, February 11, 2010


Our good friend had an amazing aerobic workout for four months while he hiked the entire Appalachian Trail.   

He scores and the crowd goes wild! 
Playing hockey is a great way to get in an aerobic workout. 

Inspired by the story "Sled Ride",
 Mr. Black's class enjoyed a fun aerobic workout while climbing this hill and sledding down!

Kim, from the Musing Mommies podcast, sent us a great picture of her son doing an aerobic workout on the trampoline!

There are many types of aerobic exercises such as hiking, jogging, playing on the Wii, or jumping up and down when the Saints won the Super Bowl. If you are on the East Coast this past week, I am sure you have been getting a lot of aerobic exercise from shoveling or just trying to walk through the snow. Share a picture of your favorite person or yourself getting some aerobic exercise.
Feel free to send it to or post it on the Facebook Fan Site. As always, I look forward to watching the glow grow brighter with the many words we can share together.

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