Friday, September 28, 2012

Dragonfly, Dragonfly E-book Announcement

Click on the screen to watch our announcement on YouTube

We would like to thank Flying Books App for publishing our story. 
You can find Flying Books on their Facebook Page and Twitter.
We'd like to give a special thanks to our 
editor, Hana, for all your hard work.

And we cannot say enough about our illustrator, Reg Silva.
Her patience, talent, and creativity are overflowing! 
You can find her at


Lance said...

what a great idea and ambitious way to promote it. Good luck!

Miss Mel said...

Thanks, Lance!

Reg said...

You guys are adorable, and sooo sweet! Glad that my first e-book was with you and your story! Hope we can work together again :D <3

Miss Mel said...

We were just saying that last night, Reg! We hope we get to, as well!! You are the best!!

mrspeters said...

Congratulations!!! Lily, Alex and I watched your big announcement and I can't wait to gift the book to my niece, Sylvie! Here's what we want to know Miss Mel...when is National Cheese Day? We want to celebrate!

Miss Mel said...

National Cheese Lovers Day is January 20th. :)

And hooray! Let us know what Silvie thinks!!